Thursday, 30 August 2012

Gorgeous Cosmetics Perfect Palette

Hi all, 

Gorgeous Cosmetics is a brand that I discovered recently and have been trying to explore a little more. I'm the kind of person that likes to get to know a brand by trying a range of their products, in a short period of time (usually); this especially holds true when it is a brand that I am impressed with! I'll try not to overload you all though! 

I swatched a few Gorgeous Cosmetics eyeshadow and blush shades whilst in store, but couldn't decide on what shades to take home - a common predicament for beauty bloggers I"m sure! So, I just picked up this pre-made palette instead. Sometimes I make good choices, this palette is a winner! 

The Shades 
Top Row: Buttercup, Golden Kiss, Gem & Fudge
Bottom Row: Nude, Peach Glow, Marshmellow & Cheeky

The top row are eyeshadows, and the bottom are blushes/highlighters. 

What I Love 
- The palette is very well put together, and gives you a good taste of the brand. 
- Both the eyeshadow's and blushes are of great quality!
- Very pigmented, creamy and easily blendable.
- Long-lasting, even without a primer. 
- I haven't seen any eyeshadow creasing with a primer.  
- You get a large amount of product in each pan. 
- I love the sleek packaging, I am a giant sucker for some good packaging! 

What I Don't 
- It's a little on the pricey side! Even more so if you buy the shadows individually. 
- I believe this palette was limited edition, although most of the shades are still available. 

Where to Buy: Gorgeous Cosmetics stores & online. 

Price: $89.00 


Without Flash

Buttercup, Golden Kiss, Gem, Fudge
Nude, Peach Glow, Marshmellow, Cheeky
With Flash 

It's pricey, yes, but it is also quite wonderful! I think that the depth of the neutral shades is great and have my eyes on their Everyday Palette. I can't help that I'm drawn to the 'boring'! If this palette doesn't tickle your fancy and you aren't ready to fess up the cash for it, I suggest trying a single shadow! They are quite lovely. 

On another note, I have an exciting idea to run by all of you! But, I think that I will give it a post of its very own! 

Hope you all have a great night! xx

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Kit Duo Cheek & Lip Crème in Turn It On

Hey all, 

I know that I have apologised a few times to date, but sorry for the lack of posting in the past few days. Sadly, life sometimes gets in the way of blogging! At least I will be getting a large overtime bonus from work this week! 

I have been on a bit of a Kit kick recently, and on a bit of a cream blush kick as well. 

So, ta-dah!

What I Love 
- Gorgeous colour combination that would suit any skin tone. 
- Smooth and creamy product, that is not sticky at all. 
- Highly pigmented and blends easily. 
- Long lasting, especially when set with powder. 
- I adore Kit packaging, absolutely adore it! 
- For an added bonus, it is also made in Australia. 

Where to Buy: Mecca Cosmetica, Myer and Online. 

Price: $34.95 


Without Flash 

With Flash 

All I have to say is, it's so purrrrdy! Haha! 

I haven't yet used it on my lips, as I have enough lipstick to get through as it is - but I am sure that it would work just swimmingly! They have another colour pair that I am eyeing off at the moment and I have a feeling that you will be seeing swatches of it very, very soon! 

What is your favourite cream blush? 

Hope you all are well! xx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Stila Custom Color Blush in Self-Adjusting Coral

Hey all, 

I have never been too sure about colour adjusting products. How do they do it? Do they even change that much between each person? I have always had my little suspicious. It's funny how we are always slightly suspicious of what we don't understand! Anyway, I'm not sure whether or not this Stila blush adjusts to my skin tone; but I do love the shade! 

A gorgeous peach toned coral with slight shimmer. 

What I Love 
- Gorgeous colour, works wonders at brightening up my face. 
- Smooth, creamy and highly pigmented. 
- Easy to blend. 
- I love how light it feels on my skin! 
- Not too shimmery, and the shimmer fades alongside the colour (so you aren't left looking like a disco ball). 
- I adore all Stila packaging. 

Where to Buy: Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca Maxima. 

Price: $32.00


Without Flash 

With Flash 

Another very pretty coral blush! It's my new staple to compliment day-time looks and I think that it would suit all skin tones. I definitely want to try the Self-Adjusting Pink and Bronze - has anyone tried them? 

Also, what are your thoughts on "self-adjusting" products? Does anyone know the science behind it? 

Hope you all have a great night! xx

Sunday, 19 August 2012

MAC Lipstick Giveaway - Winners Announced!

Hey all, 

The MAC lipstick giveaway is now over, and the winners have been drawn. 

Before I announce them, I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who entered, commented, tweeted etc. All my lovely followers make giveaways a bundle of fun for me, so thank you! 

Now, for the winners! 

Hana Clay 


Catarina Martins

You will both be receiving MAC Lady Danger and Girl About Town lipsticks! I have contacted the winners by e-mail. 

For those who didn't win this time, don't sweat it - I am sure that I will have another giveaway soon ;) 

Hope you all have a great day! xx

Friday, 17 August 2012

Matches Fashion Style Boards

Hey all, 

I absolutely adore online shopping, possibly even more than shopping in stores. There is something marvellous about being able to max out your credit card whilst still in pyjamas (I don't max it out often, I swear!). This being the case, when I was contacted to do a post on Matches Fashion - I couldn't resist. 

This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share this pretty nifty site with you! 

What Is Matches Fashion? 

An online shopping destination for both men and women which boasts brands such as: Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Chloe, Lanvin, Missioni and many more! It could be compared to Net a Porter, but is easier to navigate. 

The prices are better than what is found in-store, so it is really a great option if you want an investment piece. Sales are also very common. 

Style Boards 

I don't need an excuse to play with style boards, and Pinterest is one of my favourite past times - but I created three style boards to show you. All three represent my personal style and are of items found on Matches Fashion. 

Look 1 

Alexander McQueen Victorian Lace Jacquard Knit Dress - $1, 964
Alexander McQueen Water Snake Moulded Clutch - $1, 505
Eddie Borgo Gold Cone Bracelet - $524
Gianvito Rossi Suede Fringe Edge Shoes - $543 

Look 2

Diane Von Furstenburg New Della Dress - $465
Mulberry Clover Charm Cuff - $194
Sophie Hume Zip Top Shopper Bag - $737
Tory Burch Classic Reva Ballet Shoes - $227
Diane Von Furstenburg Rory Ankle Boots - $349

Look 3

Colette by Colette Dinnigan Oscar Half Sleeve Dress - $453
Shourouk Leimotive Icon Necklace - $285
3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Minute Clutch Bag - $356
Charlotte Olympia Ava Flower-Print Pumps - $666

Now, I wouldn't usually spend this much on day-to-day looks, but this site is great to pick up some investment pieces here and there. And I am definitely eyeing off the green Alexander McQueen clutch! 

Do you believe in buying investment pieces? Why/why not? 

Hope you all have a great afternoon! xx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipstick in Eternal Bronze

Hey all, 

I walked past the opening of a Gorgeous Cosmetics store in Brisbane city a while back and as they were promising amazing deals, I just had to go inside. Before this point, I did not even know that Gorgeous Cosmetics existed! 

Well, I am glad that I do now! They have some snazzy looking products, and what seems to be an amazing and unique range of shades - just like this Eternal Bronze lipstick. 

The Shade 
A gorgeous red bronze, with slight shimmer. 

What I Love 
- I usually can't stand lipstick's with shimmer in them, but they seem to have got the balance just right. It isn't too overpowering at all. 
- Gorgeous shade that compliments almost any look. 
- Smooth and creamy - applies like a dream. 
- Long lasting, even through eating and drinking. 

What I Don't 
- Harder to locate, but products can be bought online. 
- Shimmer is left over after colour fades. 

Where to Buy: Instore at Gorgeous Cosmetics, or online

Price: $35.00


Without Flash 

With Flash 

On My Lips

Excuse my blemish! 
I usually don't appreciate shimmer in lip products at all, but somehow it seems to work in this this shade. This shade would especially work wonderfully on darker skin tones, but I am sure that the fairer ladies out there can pull it off too! 

Hope you all have a great night! xx

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Trilogy Everything Balm

Hey all, 

I usually have combination-oily skin, but in Winter it takes a stroll down the 'dry as hell' route. Chuck the flu into the mix and I end up with flaky, painful skin - especially around my nose. I have loved Trilogy products for a long while, and use their Cream Cleanser, Antioxidant Rose-hip Oil and Vital Moisturising Cream. Knowing this, a friend recommended that I tried this balm to tackle the problem bits around my nose, and I have used it for that and so much more! 

What Is It?
- An all purpose balm containing Omega 3 & 6, natural super emollients and a range of vitamins and antioxidants. 

What Can It Be Used For? 
- Soothing dry skin. 
- All over nourishing & protecting. 
- Healthy nails. 
- Massage oil. 
- Lip conditioning. 

What I Love 
- Extremely versatile - can fix almost everything. 
- Smells gorgeous. 
- Packed full of natural ingredients. 
- Adorable packing (we all know that I am a sucker for it). 
- Reasonably priced. 

Where to Buy: Priceline, Adore Beauty

Price: $18.95 for 45ml and $29.95 for 95ml. 

I love this stuff! When they said it was multi-purpose, they weren't lying. And not only can it be used for a range of things, it works well for all of them as well. I have used it for problem dry bits, as a cuticle oil, as lip balm and it calms down bites, cuts and burns a lot as well! 

Keep one at home, and keep one in your bag - it's handy as hell! 

Hope you all have a great night! xx

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kit Cosmetics Eyeshadow in That's Hot

Hey all, 

I hadn't tried many Kit Cosmetics products for a long while, but got drawn in by their bright, gorgeous lipstick's (review soon to come) and have been expanding my horizons ever since. It's a wonderful brand, with great shades, high quality and adorable packaging. 

I was shopping the other day, and just could not walk past this eyeshadow. It is such a gorgeous shade, and didn't look like anything else that I had in my collection. 

The Shade 
A gorgeous deep, shimmery and multi-dimensional purple.

What I Love 
- Highly pigmented, one swipe colour. 
- Creamy and blends easily. 
- Has shimmer, but is not overpowering. 
- Long lasting, especially with a primer. 
- I adore the packaging of all Kit products as well! 

Where to Buy: Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca Maxima, Myer and Online. 

Price: $19.95


Without Flash 

I though that I would put two pictures in, as I just couldn't capture the beauty of the colour as much as I wanted to. 

With Flash 

I'm a sucker for purple shadows (or anything purple for that matter), and am certain that this shade will become a favourite in my collection! 

Have you tried any Kit products? Which product is your favourite? 

Hope you all have a great night! xx

Monday, 6 August 2012

On My Cheeks: NARS Blush in Taj Mahal

Hey all, 

We all hear so much about NARS blushes and their high quality, and most of us know the 'famous' shades quite well. Shades like 'Orgasm', 'Deep Throat' and 'Exhibit A' are absolutely gorgeous, but they are not my favourite Nars blush shade. 

Taj Mahal is, and hopefully you shall soon see why! 

The Shade 
A gorgeous orange-bronze, that looks absolutely amazing on darker skin tones. 
It has slight shimmer. 
Isn't as scary as it looks in the pan, and blends out like a dream. 

What I Love 
- Absolutely stunning colour. 
- Highly pigmented, as all Nars blushes tend to be. 
- Smooth, creamy and east to blend. 
- Long lasting and fades out evenly. 
- Sleek and stylish packaging. 

What I Don't 
- The price of NARS products in Australia are quite a lot higher than overseas. I would recommend buying online from the USA; either from a site that ships internationally, or by using a parcel forwarding service. 

Where to Buy: Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca Maxima & Online. 

For online Nars purchases, I like to use - Kiss and Makeup

Price: In store - $45 AUD 
Online - $26 USD


Without Flash 

With Flash 


Quite a difference, huh? The terrifying aspect of the shade seems to just melt away when it is blended out. 

This is one of my favourite blushes. I have nothing else quite like it, and love it for that exact reason. If you are a darker skinned lady, I definitely recommend that you try it out! 

What is your favourite NARS blush shade? 

Hope you all have a great night! xx

Friday, 3 August 2012

MAC Lipstick Giveaway!

Hey all,

It's giveaway time!!

I have been planning to do another giveaway for a while now, but have just been held up time after time. But here it is, finally! 

I was a bit caught up on what to give away, but I decided that I would giveaway two of my favourite MAC lipstick shades - Lady Danger and Girl About Town.

I have two sets up for grabs, so two winners will be drawn. All products are brand new. 

This giveaway is also open internationally and will run for two weeks. Please only enter once, so that everyone can get a fair chance! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope that you enjoy this giveaway & best of luck! xx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Range - Review

Hey all,

Sorry for the little hiatus from blogging! Things have been hectic around here; exciting, but hectic! Anyway, hopefully everything will now be back to normal, and you will be hearing from me as often as ever! 

I thought that I would restart with an exciting skin care product review! I have been dying to publish my review on these range of products, so am definitely excited to have finally done so. 

I have been struggling with dry skin this winter! I usually have combination skin, and excessively dry skin has never been a problem for me in the past. But this winter, flaky and tight skinned hell has broken loose. 

I have tried quite a few products over the last couple of months, in an attempt to get my skin back under control; some have helped, others not so much. This range of Jurlique products has most definitely helped! 

Rose Moisture Plus Collection

Moisturising Cleanser 

What I Love
  • Removes the majority of make up easily (will still need to remove eye makeup seperately though) 
  • Natural ingredients, so it is better for your skin. 
  • Australian owned. 
  • I adore the smell. 
  • Cleanses without drying. 
Moisturising Cream

  • Highly moisturising.
  • It seemed to improve my skin’s radiance after a couple of weeks.
  • Dense cream, so a little goes a long way. 
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Australian owned. 
Due to having combination skin, this probably isn’t something that I could use in summer, as it is quite moisturising. 
Rosewater Balancing Mist 

This is something that I remember using a long time back, and I do remember loving it back then. Nothing has changed - I still think that it is fabulous! 
  • Refreshes and hydrates skin, without removing makeup or making oily.
  • Great for travel (especially air travel) 
These products seem to work very well with my skin this winter, and it will be interesting to see how my skin handles them as the weather warms up. I think that they are all well formulated, and I love knowing that I am using more natural products. I also ran off to the shops and purchased the Jurlique Herbal Recovery night cream, so a review on that will be coming soon! 

What is your favourite Jurlique product? 

Hope you all have a great night! xx
* Products were provided for consideration. All opinions are honest, and my own.